Application procedure

You have to send (from September to November) us the APPLICATION FORM (look at the bottom of the page!) together with the detailed description of the group or a deplian/broschure and some representative pictures you have and a videotape/video CD/DVD or YouTube video link of your group via regular mail or e-mail (e-mail prefered):

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Festival Conditions

  1. Meals and accommodation is provided to the groups at Hotel/Hostel/school dormitory if budget permiting, if not, a member participation Fee must be paid for 4 or 5 nights on Half Board basis. MIFF festival is runed on the voluntary bases and already from the beginning the festival is not making any extra money/profit. That means that the festival is depending on the sponsorships. Due to the lack of strong sponsorships and very expensive accomodation in this popular tourist area - we moved from CIOFF rules based festival to a festival where the partecipants have to pay a fee to help us covering some of the festival's accomodation costs that are not low fort his period of time and this area. That means that each partecipant (including drivers) has to pay us (prices are shown for 2024's edition) 240 EUR (multiple room) or 356 EUR (single room)/person for 5 nights in a Hotel 3* on the Blue flag beach Vile Park Bernardin for very reach and good taste half board buffet in a 4* Hotel  Restaurant and entrance to the AquaPark "Laguna" and pool on the beach (more info on Supplements: Tourist tax: 2,50 EUR/person/day, hotel registration fee: 1,00 EUR/person.

    As you maybe already know, our festival can be also a great holiday experience, because the groups have to dance only in the evenings and we are offering also two interesting free excursions. At the day time you are free to do whatever you want. The festival's location is very beautiful, you can visit the medieval cities of Piran and Koper, you can visit the world known Postojna Caves (around 50 km away), you can visit Bled(around 180 km) and last but not least you can go to Venice in Italy (around 180 km away) to see this unique city. Of course you can visit also Croatian cities of Rovinj (around 90 km away), Pula (around 100 km away) or Opatija (around 100 km away) where you can have also unforgettable beach experience. So, all this are facts that we have to stress to convince you that also this paying option is not a bad one.

    MIFF Festival Usually seen on other festivals
    + performances only at night  (group involvemnet only from 19.00-23.00 every day preparation included), only one dance (10-20 min max)

    + a lot of free time

    + only one parade before the main performance

    + respecting exact times, no waitings in costumes for many hours, excellent logistics

    + a lot of free time

    + two excursions included

    + beautiful location on the Adriatic Sea

    + very important: MIFF festival is organized by the members of a folk dance group ( for members of folk dance groups!

    - no pocket money

    - participation fee

    - performances aprox. 3 times daily

    - many parades

    - limited free time

    - other obligatory activities

    - many times no excursion included at all

    + no participation fee

    + only on some CIOFF festivals: pocket money

  2. Group size: should be maximum 40 persons (Dancers, musicians, leaders and bus drivers).
  3. Travel expenses: All the travel expenses belong to your group. We advise you to arrive with the bus. Using airplane we suggest you to choose Ljubljana (Slovenia, 145 km from Piran), Trieste (Italy, 80 km from Piran) or Venice (Italy, 180 km from Piran) Airport. We cover only local transportation costs in case of using Airplane connection.
  4. On the Festival beginning day you have to arrive in time, as established in the Official Invitation letter.
  5. The duration of your performances on the festival is different each day. The minimum is a program of 10 minutes daily, the longest performance's duration is limted to (very, very rare) 60 minutes (Could be also a combination of dances and folk music program). In the last years the average dance performance of a group is 12 minutes daily.
  6. The program of the group have to contain traditional dances, the traditional dresses from your country or region and traditional live music.
  7. We are choosing the groups in the month of November for the next year festival that is held in June or July.

How we choose the groups?

The Commision selects the groups participating on the next-year festival.

The election process of the groups is based on the pondering system:

  • Criteria 1: general quality, originality and general group impression (50%);
  • Criteria 2: the groups that can invite also our folklore group to their festival [exchange of the groups] (10%);
  • Criteria 3: the groups that can show different&interesting costumes, different&independent dance clusters (10%);
  • Criteria 4: music performance quality (10%);
  • Criteria 5: references of the group in the past five years (10%);
  • Criteria 6: if the group is Academic or at least if the group members are also students (10%)

The Commision consists from Folklore experts, representatives of the Cultural Association from the Community of Piran, representative of the Community of Piran, representatives of sponsors&donators, representative of the festival management board.

Application form

Filing the Application form is only one-step to be inserted in the selection process.

You have to send us also (obligatory!):

  • your group’s DVD/YouTube or other www links to the dance performances video not older than 2 years and
  • The detailed description of the group.

You can send us also (optional) a group’s brochure and/or some representative pictures you have.

We are choosing the groups in the last months of the year for the next year festival that is held on end of June or first week-end in July every year (check the exact date on

Group members that would like to come to the MIFF festival including bus-drivers
For our festivals program
Group’s videos/pictures

Sponsors & Supporters

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