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What do the groups think about our festival?

MIFF festival is always checking with the questioner what the groups are thinking about our festival, what they like and dislike, so we can constantly improve the festival. Here are some statements from the past years:

  • SKALIČAN, Slovakia, MIFF 2019: “The best party seen at festivals.”
  • DO LUSCO O FUSCO, Galicia, Spain, MIFF 2018: “We like everything but for us the Saturday party is spectacular!!! We love this party a lot!!! Festival MIFF is and exciting experience, that you live together with others groups and enjoy inside and outside the stage!”
  • KUD BRANKO RADIČEVIĆ, Austria, MIFF 2018: “The audience was very understanding and great in general. It was also good that all performances were on time and scheduled.”
  • BALARINS DE RIVIERE, Italy, MIFF 2017: “Esibirsi al MIFF a Pirano è come bere un buon bicchiere di vino…ti viene voglia di berne un altro.” (English translation would be something like that: “Performing on the MIFF festival is the same as drinking a glass of good wine….you would like to drink another glass of it.”)
  • KOHUTEK, Czech Republic, MIFF 2015 (Second time on the festival): “Thank you very much for everything, friendly attitude, great guides, everything. We really enjoyed it! We liked food, people, Borut, sea, guides, atmosphere. We have visited many festivals, but this one is the best. (Can we come again next year?) :)”
  • ROSENKA, Czech Republic, MIFF 2014: “Thank you again for your hard work and the excellent festival. I think you could see how happy we were there. The organization was really above standards we saw on other festivals. Knowing so many informations in advance is exceptional. So thank you again. We’ll definitelly recommend your festival to other groups in Czech Republic and if it would be possible to come back in few years, we’d be more than happy.”
  • TALDEA, Spain, MIFF 2014: “It has been a great pleasure to participate in your festival. Has been superb. I will communicate in the assembly of the Basque groups, our good experience in Piran. To us, if you wish, in the future, after 5-6 years … we would love to go back to your festival.”
  • KOHUTEK, Czech Republic, MIFF 2013: “The best festival where we ever been. Our festival recommended folklore ensemble Rozmarýn.The whole set of the festival would like to visit again .Definitely will recommend. About hostel, meals, trips, leisure, guides …. I would not change anything. Super festival for that very, very much. This festival left us beautiful memories that you will never forget. Thank you again.”
  • CSEPEL, Hungary: “MIFF is an exciting folklore festival, a special meeting point of lot of amazing cultures, where you can meet very nice and friendly people, where you can have great programs and performances during a gorgeous holiday in the beautiful Slovenian Riviera.”
  • NUANCE, Bulgaria, MIFF 2013: “The festival was very expiring and we are very glad for the friendly manners and behavior and would be glad to see each other again.”


What’s happening in the case of bad weather?

All open stages have also an alternative if it is raining or the weather is not permitting open air performances.

How they look like the festival’s Stages?

PIRAN – Tartini Square

PORTOROŽ – Auditorium

KOPER – Taverna

IZOLA – Lonka

How many performances we have to do during the festival?

On our festival the groups have performances every day in the evening time, only.

The duration of your performances should be from 8 minutes to 60 minutes max (in the last few years no performance is longer than 12 minutes). You are informed aprox 2 weeks before your arrival about the expected programe day by day.

In the daytime the groups are free to do bathing, site visiting or shopping. Usually one or two excursions are organized (Caves visit and/or Salt fields visit) for you.
You can of course also go by your own (in that cases please coordinate everything with the organizers!) to the city of LJUBLJANA (aprox. 120 km), lake BLED (aprox. 160 km), VENICE (Italy, aprox. 180 km) and so on. There are many possibilities.


What about the night life?

The Slovene coastline has a lot of hot party spots for all tastes especially in the summer. More about recent Events can be found on the portal

MIFF offers also dedicated parties for its participants. The main dance MIFF party is usually on Saturday late night close to the sleeping facilities.


And what about the typical Food?

Slovenia is a hospitable country which surprises its visitors with the abundance of traditional Slovenian food as well as culinary masterpieces which originated outside the country but have received a Slovenian touch. To complement our dishes there have always been excellent wines of three Slovenian wine growing regions. A special delight are the wines – from quality to top quality specialty wines, predicate wines and sparkling wines. On the coast you should try Refosk, Teran, Rumeni Muškat, Malvazija in Rebula. The speciality of the Posavje Region is Cviček, a Slovene wine with a light taste and low alcohol. Vine growing hills of the Podravje Region in the east boast excellent speciality wines such as Renski Rizling, Traminec, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Ranina and many other top quality wines. Numerous wine cellars in Slovenia offer wine tasting and the inns and restaurants you can consult experienced sommeliers.

In the palette of national dishes there are many connected with the traditional festive slaughtering. Popular everyday dishes are made from cabbage, beans and potatoes. Every Slovenian region has its own various types of bread. There are also many flour-based dishes, among which those made from buckwheat – the cereal which gives grey flour, are a speciality. More than seventy variations of štruklji are widely spread across Slovenia. The most renowned is luxuriously filled prekmurska gibanica. Don’t forget to try the potica, a cake roll filled with walnuts, poppy seeds, raisins, various herbs, cottage cheese, honey or crackling. In Primorska, they will delight you with original fish dishes and delicacies made from local plants, vegetables and fruit (asparagus, artichokes, truffles), and of course pršut from Karst which is cured in the bora wind.
The most typical Istrian dishes are: from main-stay corn minestroni, Istrian “brodet” or fish goulash, dumplings with venison, “fuži” noodles with truffles to all kinds of seafood specialities – scorpion fish, gilt, bass, sardines, sole, shrimp (grayfish) and squid. You will taste all these Istrian delights over “refošk”, an excellent red wine, or “malvazija”, the Queen of Istrian white wine.

Istrian cuisine is considered a healthy way of eating since it has all the elements of good nourishment: from fruit and vegetables grown in Istria to various seafood and fish from the Adriatic Sea, as well as meat dishes prepared in a sound, healthy way. The Istrian cuisine has all the components of the Mediterranean kitchen and that is its charm. It is considered Mediterranean food, which means that it will enrich your health while you are savouring it.

The sun, the sea, a glass of wine and a plate of homemade food will render magical moments that you will want to remember. Our paths will surely cross again here in this beautiful place by the sea amidst the grapevines and olive trees, where health and enjoyment go hand in hand.

Where we can find more information about Slovenia and the Coast?

More information about Slovenia and the Coast can be found on the following links:

If you would like to know about a specific topic, write us and we’ll try to answer to your questions and provide you with additional info.


What about Sleeping facilities?

The MIFF management always try to organize simple, but comfortable sleeping facilities. We are always looking on this task as we would search the accomodation for ourselves.



What are the data needed to get visa?

Invited groups from countries that needs visa to enter in the EU need to deliver us the complete list of partecipating members at least 30 days before the festival’s opening day:

  • name,
  • surname,
  • passport number,
  • date od birth and
  • nationality.

In addition the group have to send us full details:

  • about the Legal Entity/Cultural Association and
  • legal representative of the Association/Group.

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